Om Anna

Welcome to me!DSC_0831_1024

Art and illustration has been my passion since I was a child. It began in my hometown in VÀxjö, Sweden. I was very young when I began to express my fairytale world with colors. As an eight year old, I received my first easel and oil paints. At first, I painted animals och people. Since then, I have mostly painted people with strong color, character and energy. I have always been supported by my parents to perform my art.

It became the starting point for me and the beginning of an artistic course. I became a graphic designer through education at Bergh’s School of Communication and the Graphic Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. I have had the pleasure of working in my profession and combining it with painting and exhibitions.

The last three years figure skating has become my artistic expression. But it is not about me, it is the story.

Figure skating. Gracefully and beautiful skaters are the most hardworking ones… Day after day they are training, falling, missing, longing, yearning… but they go through with grace, strength and power.

When I saw a skating Championship some years ago, and it was a wonderful experience indeed, that was the start for me to paint figure skating. Since that day, I have been a true figure skating lover.

My paintings are an inspiration of color and energy. The intensity and energy is what I found in figure skating, and express in my art. Emotional effects and a conscious use of strong colors.

I have never even figure skated myself, I would probably have liked it but it never became so. On the other hand I danced jazz ballet and I am a runner. It is a fun thing a great way to exercise.

Most often I just start painting and seeing where it leads, I go into the creative process, trust in myself and make my own choices. I am inspired by Degas, Casatt and Abstract Expressionism.